Dr. Pearce is a globally-recognized expert on leadership and management in organizations and is also a certified executive coach. Through his global executive advisory practice, The Vocati Group, he has been privileged to serve as a trusted executive adviser, leadership coach, organizational strategist, conference speaker, and retreat facilitator, for several of the world’s premier organizations, including Fortune Global 500 corporations, national governments, philanthropic organizations, and faith-based institutions.

Dr. Pearce founded The Vocati Group in 2012 with one simple mission – to invest in the growth of leaders and organizations in all sectors to enhance their leadership capacity, amplify their impact, and facilitate greater levels of alignment and effectiveness. Most often, The Vocati Group is called upon to serve leaders and organizations in the following ways:
· Executive Coaching – We partner with top-level and high-potential leaders who are growth-minded and hungry for focused development in six and twelve-month coaching relationships to drive self-discovery, boost confidence, and facilitate greater human flourishing.
· Executive Strategic Advising – We partner with leaders of teams, organizations, and boards who are looking for honest, objective thought partnership in the face of a particular strategic leadership or organizational challenge. Drawing on our rich insight into organizational behavior and experience with organizations on six continents, we serve as a trusted problem-solving partner for leaders navigating sensitive challenges. Different than coaching, which is focused on the leader, strategic advising is focused on partnering to solve the organizational challenge(s) at-hand.
· Leadership Labs (Leadership Development Workshops) – We offer keynote, quarter-day, half-day, and full-day sessions that integrate cutting-edge insights from the social & behavioral sciences with proven practical strategies to create transformative light-bulb moments for leaders and teams in corporations, social impact organizations, and governments. From annual conferences, to leadership retreats, to year-long talent development programs, we partner with organizations to invest in developing the leadership capacity of their people. These sessions draw extensively on Dr. Pearce's Leadership in Organizations course, one of the highest-rated courses at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.
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